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caterpillar's ceo doug oberhelmin. now, we've been talking a lot about the downward movement in precious metals. we're continue tock on the lookout to see what people are doing when it comes to buying gold and silver. well, the largest coin show on the west coast kicks off today, and that's where we find jane wells, taking the pulse of the gold and silver bugs. >> very flashy, very nice. >> reporter: if you want to know how people feel about gold, don't look at the markets, look at the coin shows. >> on the entire floor, we're expecting business in the tens of millions of dollars. >> reporter: at the santa clara county show in the heart of silicon valley, thousands came to buy and sell, mostly buy. >> you see more buying. people interested in buying. >> why? >> they're taking advantage of the dips. >> reporter: kerry is buying. he is a wholesaler whose firm has been involved with big auctions, including one for a rare coin which sold for a record $10 million. what kind of coin is it? >> a 1794 silver dollar. >> for $10 million? >> $10 million. >> reporter: the volatility in gold prices r
on caterpillar. yesterday -- >> fedex, same time i liked u.p.s. there's -- kind of fedex maybe spent too much money on asia. if you shen too much money on asia you're not in good shape. i will come back, i will see you daniher and raise you cyprus senate. i will see you fedex and raise you sandisk. union pacific versus csx. there is an excuse issue. union pacific with a remarkable -- coal only down six. if you're involved with coal, you just got coal in your stocking. >> all right. but that's a stock picker's market you're describing. that's actually trying to discern which managements are doing a better job. >> yes with, as opposed to the futures dictating everything. we'll get to pepsico but it was a remarkable quarter. what can i tell you. versus -- coca-cola had a remarkable quarter, too. obviously consumer products have done very well. pepsico is not claiming raw costs going down because they're hedged. many companies could. buffalo wild wings. we don't talk about buffalo wild wings enough. it is kind of like tractor supply and ulta. buffalo wild wings is seeing a dramatic drop in the pr
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)